Bridge the Gap - Taiwan


Organization Details

LiuJia Junior High School in Chiayi County is looking for young people from around the world to share their cultures while providing a way for Taiwanese students to learn English.

Roles & Responsibilities

Participants will teach English to students and be responsible for the necessary tasks such as creating lesson plans, presentations, and grading assignments. Additional responsibilities include participating in trainings, relevant meetings, or extracurricular activities sponsored by the school.


Local AIESEC members will pick you up from the airport and provide you a buddy to help you integrate into local culture and life. You will live in a host family or a dorm. Meals will be included while you are at work.


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Stephanie  - taiwan 2016

"The one word to describe my experience was unexpected. When I first signed up to go on exchange, I didn’t know what I was going to experience. My exchange not only allowed me to become a better speaker and presenter, but opened myself to a culture different from here. It was life-changing."

James - Italy 2016

"During my exchange, I was able to use my university degree to educate high schoolers  about Climate Action. At the same time, I empowered others to take action by helping the students to plan and organize Climate related projects for their school and community. If you're looking to push your limits and  impact others abroad, AIESEC is here for you!"

Gillian - argentina 2014

"Due to the skills I gained in the Andes Way Project, I was able to secure an HR role during my third year of business school that allowed me to do marketing for the organization's employer brand. I also became proficient in Spanish as a second language - something I never could've done before."

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